About our Bureau

About our Bureau

Clackmannanshire CAB has been delivering free, impartial and confidential advice to Clackmannanshire residents for over 50 years. We continue to deliver support and guidance on a range of topics, giving people the information they need to deal with any situation and improve their lives.

From October 2022 to the end of September 2023 we were contacted 14,648 times by 5,036 clients and gave advice on 35,382 issues. Read our annual report here.

We offer a "multi-channel" service via telephone, email and face-to-face, with drop-in available (9.30am to 2.30pm, Monday to Friday) 

As a registered charity, we rely on the work of our volunteers to continue to provide our important General Services. In addition, we offer a number of specialist projects, allowing us to offer extensive support to some of the most vulnerable within our community. We have been successful in securing funding from a variety of different sources and would like to thank all our funders for allowing us the opportunity to help improve the lives of people in Clackmannanshire.

We currently have more than 45 staff and volunteers delivering these essential service to the community.

We are delighted to have received accreditation under the Scottish National Standards for Information and Advice Providers (SNSIAP) to deliver advice and assistance upto and including type III in the areas of Housing, Welfare Benefits and Money / Debt.  This is the highest accreditation possible and was only achievable through the hard work and dedication of our staff and volunteers.

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Clackmannanshire Citizens Advice Bureau

We’ve been open since 1967 and we’re part of the Scottish Citizens Advice network, which has been offering advice and support since 1939. Together we advise over 300,000 people on the best way to sort out their problems every year - that’s 1 in every 14 adults.

We can offer advice, guidance and information in a number of different areas, including benefits, consumer issues, immigration, workplace disputes and much more. See our services section for more information.

We also offer the following specialist services:

We have over 50 working as advisers and helping behind the scenes. Everyone you meet at Clackmannanshire Citizens Advice Bureau has had a minimum of six months of training, so they are well-equipped to give you advice on a wide range of problems and issues.

Meet our advisers, or find out more about volunteering with us.

Expert advice - every time

As a member of the Scottish Citizens Advice network, the service we deliver must always meet national standards. This means you’ll receive a professional service, every single time you talk to us.

Our advisers undergo extensive training to make sure you receive the best quality of advice, whatever your issue may be. The Citizens Advice Scotland competency-based Adviser Training Programme is renowned in the voluntary sector and beyond.

Our advisers also have access to the AdviserNet Information System. This valuable resource provides a wealth of information on everything from employment and benefits to housing and debt. Access to this independent, trusted and quality assured information means our advisers can always offer you the most up-to-date advice.

In addition to our training and resources, the quality and training team at Citizens Advice Scotland regularly review the advice we offer, via a bureau audit. This makes sure we continue to meet the high standards required of a Citizens Advice Bureau.

Our charity status

Every bureau within the Scottish Citizens Advice network is a registered charity, and depends on support from the public to continue to offer advice to improve people’s lives.

As a charity, we are open and transparent about our accounts and governance structure. The minutes of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) are also published online each year.

Get advice

There are a number of ways you can get advice from Clackmannanshire Citizens Advice Bureau. You can call, Email Us or you can make an appointment to come in for a face-to-face appointment.

We aim to respond to messages as soon as possible.

We offer home visits.

Making a complaint

If you want to make a complaint about Clackmannanshire Citizens Advice Bureau contact us directly. You can also read more about our complaints procedure.