Housing Projects

Housing Projects

We currently have two specialised housing projects.

Housing Debt

This project, funded by Clackmannanshire Council's Housing Services, aims to improve tenancy sustainment and prevent homelessness by assisting Clackmannanshire Council tenants who have rent arrears.

We provide a full debt and income maximisation service which includes arranging payment of arrears, both rent & council tax, renegotiating other debts e.g. bankruptcy applications, informal & formal payment arrangements such as the debt arrangement scheme & trust deeds.

We can also provide representation in court for tenants facing eviction, guiding clients through the process of possession proceedings. The project provides a holistic preventative approach aiming to improve tenancy sustainment, ensuring that eviction is always a last resort.  ​

Hames (Housing Advice and Mediation Service)

Across Clackmannanshire there has been a growth in the number of people, including those with families, relying on the Private Rented Sector (PRS) to meet their housing need.  Given the pressure on social housing and restricted access to home ownership, we recognise the importance of creating a strong and viable PRS which meets the needs of all households renting from private landlords or seeking private rented accommodation. 

This project aims to improve the private rented sector experience for tenants and landlords across the Clackmannanshire area by providing a free, dedicated advice and support service which is available to private landlords and tenants.  The project adopts a holistic preventative approach and aims to actively prevent homelessness by assisting private tenants to remain in their tenancy for as long as reasonably possible. 

 If you're a private tenant, we can:

· give you advice on all aspects of renting in the private sector

· assist you to maximise your income and offer free debt advice

· help you resolve issues through our landlord mediation service

· assist if you are facing unlawful eviction or harassment

If you're a private landlord, we can:

· give you advice on all aspects of letting within the private sector

· assist your tenant's to maximise their income

· help you resolve issues through our free mediation service

·  assist you to establish your legal rights and obligations

You could also join our landlord forum to share best practice


If you would like more infomation on any of the above projects please contact us on 01259 219404 or bureau@clackscab.casonline.org.uk.