Welfare Rights and Representation

Welfare Rights and Representation

Our Welfare Rights service offers confidential advice and assistance to access benefit entitlement. This is a vital service and a much needed lifeline to some of the most vulnerable people in the community. The benefits system can be daunting, confusing and appear inaccessible for many people. Our Welfare Rights service seeks to assist people in overcoming the barriers they may experience accessing benefits.

Our Service includes

  • Benefit checks to establish your entitlement
  • Advice on which benefit is appropriate for you
  • Advice and assistance with claiming benefits
  • Guidance and help challenging benefit decisions
  • Representation at appeal hearings.


Since the beginning of this project began in 2019, our Welfare Rights Officer has a 83% success rate in overturning decisions which has created a client financial gain of over £1.3 million.

If you have received a benefit decision and would like to know the next steps available, please get in touch.