Stressed about Debt?

Stressed about Debt?

22nd February 2024

On Monday 19th of February, we helped to launch the new Citizens Advice Scotland national campaign, Stressed about Debt? This campaign seeks to encourage individuals to access support to help them manage their debt.

Data obtained by research company YouGov has suggested that approximately 665,148 of people in Scotland have experienced a decline in their mental health and wellbeing due to debt. 

Since last spring, Scottish CABs have helped people write off a total of over £11 million worth of debt, with the average amount being over £12,600.

A specialist webpage has been set up by CAS to provide a list of support available regarding debt management (Stressed About Debt? | Citizens Advice Scotland (

If you would like further advice and support regarding debt, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Bureau. There are so many ways to contact us!

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